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As we’ve been known to say many times, planning ahead makes sense. Not just when it comes to funeral planning, of course; planning makes everything we do just that much easier. And certainly funeral pre-planning is one of the smartest things anyone can do today.

Because we know the value of funeral pre-planning, our services are extensive. We invite you to explore the reasons why you should consider funeral pre-arrangement by reading one or more of the four articles in the section “Pre-Plan Your Funeral”:

  • Why People Choose to Plan Ahead
  • Funeral Pre-Arrangement Process
  • Record Your Wishes
  • Pre-Planning Checklist

We also suggest you take advantage of our online pre-planning tool. Pre-Arrange Online allows you to set your wishes down, and then electronically transmit them to us for safekeeping. However, if you’d rather sit down with one of our funeral pre-arrangement specialists for a conversation, we urge you to contact us at +2348034545968

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  • Shrouds

No one anticipates having to have a dead body removed, nor does anyone expect having to deal with cleanup after a death. But, both of these tasks are grim realities for some. When it comes to cleaning up after a body is removed, you need to be careful because there could be body fluids and decomposition matter left behind that can be dangerous.This is where we come in.We do this arrangement 24 hours also assist with the documentation to get the human remains to any choice of morgue




A mortuary also know as morgue is an important integral part of every hospital as it deals with the preservation of the human remains so that the forensic clinicians & pathologist may investigate the cause of death and make scientific investigations.The remains may be viewed and identified by relatives and friends, and bodies ay be kept until burial can be arranged.


These are the set of young age men that provides solemn songs that fits funeral atmosphere during procession  with their good blend of funeral trumpets, saxophones and drums.They play solemn songs at the Lying-in-state onward to where the service is taking place then at the burial sites.

The collection of funeral decorations reaches from simple bouquets, to be placed lying flat on the ground, to tall arrangements in all shapes and forms, such as hearts, wreaths, coffin decorations, altar decorations, pillow shapes and many more.


Here you fill find a bit of everything, but you can also visit the specific sections for the above mentioned shapes in each subcategory under “Funeral” on our page. You will find a large variation of creations designed by us, often in corporation with our clients wishes and special requests. We want to help make this an individual and personalised decoration that can contribute to a positive and loving memory.
Flowers help to comfort those grieving by showing the love that surrounded the deceased,highlighting what made the special, and representing the eternity that will hold their memory.It also symbolise the naturalistic, ‘return to earth’ that we like to believe in when someone passed on, as we bury our loved ones in the garden-like green of a cemetery. Mourners have been bringing flowers to funerals since time immemorial.
However choosing the right flowers for an occasion comes down to personal preference however different flowers have historically had certain meanings associated with them:
The most popular funeral flowers, the sweet aroma of lilies has long been associated with the virginal purity of the soul returning to innocence, back to where we all started. The white stargazer lily is the most popular of all, a variation that represents sympathy and empathy.
Roses – They most symbolise love, unsurprisingly. The meaning can vary depending on the colours you choose.Red roses (particularly a single one) mean everlasting and enduring love, while deep red or crimson roses hint at a love rooted in deep grief. Pink roses represent elegance, gentility and a certain grace. White roses symbolise eternal youth and innocence, as well as having a deep spiritual meaning.
Carnations – The word itself represents the ‘incarnation’ of a higher being, and these long-lasting flowers symbolise remembrance, affection and devotion. In Christianity, pink carnations are said to symbolise the tears of the Virgin Mary.
Orchids – Similar to carnations, these long-lasting flowers denote a love that has no end.
Chrysanthemums – These are hugely popular and have different meanings in different parts of the world. In the western world, they represent a positive feeling, thanking the deceased for their long life of morality and honesty. In Asia they have a more mournful tone of wishing for a rebirth of the soul.

shroud is a long piece of cloth, usually natural material such as cotton, linen or bamboo, which is wrapped around a body after it has been prepared for burial. … We can supply traditional burial shrouds, or they may be obtained through religious organizations with other items like Gloves, socks,Veil & underpants.


Although a funeral may not seem like the kind of event people would seek to remember, it often is. After all, it’s an important ritual, a celebration of a life, and a gathering of people who may not know each other well but who are united in their mourning. In my experience, many people find it important to have their loved one’s funeral documented, even though it’s a photography service that isn’t advertised or discussed as much or in the same way as most others.

  1. >FUNERAL PHOTOGRAPHY: Our funeral photography is discrete and unobtrusive. We’ll never pose people unless asked.We work without flash whenever possible.
  2. FUNERAL BOOKS: We design funeral books which contain photos, family histories, poems, eulogies, family trees and anything else the family wants.
    PHOTOGRAPH PACAKAGES: We work with you so that the day will be recorded as you wish. Given my  experience, we can also give advice if requested.
    a. Traditional Package : Attendance at the funeral service for up to 1.5 hours and at the gathering held afterwards for up to 2.5 hours.Within two days, selected images from the funeral will be available in a private viewing area on our website to enable people unable to attend the funeral to see it for themselves. A 40 sided 21cm x 21cm hardback funeral photo book containing photos with a CD containing images from the day will be sent to you within five weeks of the design approved by you. The book is perfect for family/friends unable to attend the funeral, as well as cementing the memories of those who were present.
    b. Deluxe package : Attendance at the funeral service for up to 1.5 hours and at the gathering held afterwards for up to 4 hours.Within two days, selected images from the funeral will be available in a private viewing area on our website to enable family/friends unable to attend the funeral to see it for themselves. A 60 sided 21cm x 21cm hardback funeral photo book with containing photos with a CD containing images from the day and a photographic record of the deceased’s life will be sent to you within five weeks of the design approved by you. The funeral photo book is perfect for family/friends unable to attend the funeral and it also cements the memories of those who were present.

With our experiences in Security detailing in Funeral event Management, we can confidently operate effectively in these areas.

  1. Event Monitoring- These involves mitigating against possible crisis inside & outside the event environment.
  2. Security managemen-We offer a range of event security Management services that are tailored towards the business and /or operational needs of our clients thus, we provide security services during special event such as Wedding Parties, Funeral Ceremonies/ Parties, Musical Concert, Corporate Functions etc.
  3. Protocol – These involves convoys, procession with smart & able bodied men.
  4. V.I.P protection (Body Guard) – These is a state where someone need to be protected and no threat to his/her life. These protection also takes place within an event area.
  • We liase and Provide men of the Nigeria Police ,Civil Defence,LASTMA where necessary.
  • To secure and give absolute confidence to any possible event.
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Embalming is a multi-step procedure that is used to preserve bodies of the deceased from decomposition. Decomposition starts as soon as death occurs however embalming utilizes formaldehyde based chemicals to slow down the process and preserve bodies for wakes and viewings.


It is a good thing to keep in mind that embalming does not reverse the effects of decomposition or restore the way a deceased person looked like during their life. It simply slows down the decomposition process and preserves the body at the state that it arrived in. Moreover, having open casket funerals adds the cost of embalming and the cost of preparing the body, such as dressing it or applying any cosmetics, to the already  funeral services that are being provided.

if the body and casket were present at the funeral service, a hearse will be used to transport the casket to the cemetery or burial site. A hearse, sometimes called a coach, is a car that is used to transport a casket. Shaped like a station wagon, a hearse has two seats up front (for a driver and one passenger which is mostly a member of the family) and a large, covered trunk in the back for the casket.
  • LEAD CARYou may also hire a “lead car,” which is driven by a member of the funeral home’s staff to lead the procession of cars to the cemetery*
  • ESCORTS : Motorcycle escorts and police escorts are available for the funeral procession. These escorts can be arranged by our funeral director.
LEAD CARYou may also hire a “lead car,” which is driven by a member of the funeral home’s staff to lead the procession of cars to the cemetery*
ESCORTS : Motorcycle escorts and police escorts are available for the funeral procession. These escorts can be arranged by our funeral director.
The numbers of pall bearers can vary,typically six to eight individuals are asked to be active pallbearers and is one of the oldest and most important ceremonial roles at a funeral. Pallbearers are responsible for carrying the casket from inside the funeral home and placing it within the hearse. Once at the gravesite, they again remove the casket from the hearse and carry it to the final resting place.
Dress conservatively – Mostly a dark suit with a tie for a man and a dark dress or suit for a woman.Traditional attires like agbada and sonyan in different colours for celebration of life.  Listen to instructions and special requests from the funeral director, member of family and staff.
The other of things:
  1. As the family says their final farewells at the funeral home or their resident, the pallbearers will be asked to wait outside until the family has exited.
  2. When the family leaves, the pallbearers will be ushered in to lift the casket onto a wheeled device called a “church truck or Funeral trolley” and roll the casket out of the building to the hearse.
  3. At the hearse, the pallbearers will lift the casket together and place it in the back of the hearse.
  4. The pallbearers will then make their way to their vehicle(s) for the procession. If there is a designated pallbearer car, it will precede the hearse otherwise all cars follow the hearse.
  5. If the procession is going to a place of worship, once we arrive, the pallbearers will congregate behind the hearse and carry the casket to the place of worship truck placed at the entrance.
  6. We will then proceed following the clergy to the front of the building. Space allowing, the pallbearers will walk beside the casket. If the aisle is too narrow, we will precede the casket which will be brought in by the funeral directors.
  7.  During the service, the pallbearers will either sit together (usually in the front, right row), or be seated with their families.
  8. At the end of the service, the funeral director will come to the casket at the front of the building and will direct the pallbearers back to the entrance in the same manner as they entered.
  9. There will often be a final blessing exiting to place of worship and then the pallbearers will lift up the casket and carry it to the hearse.
  10. At the cemetery the pallbearers will once again congregate behind the hearse. They will carry out the casket and place it upon a lowering device over the grave. During this step, it is very important to watch your footing as the cemetery grounds can be soft or uneven. Step carefully up and around the lowering device.
  11. Finally, the pallbearers will usually be instructed to line up as an honor guard on the far side of the casket (opposite the family). You may be given a flower and at the conclusion of the ceremony, and asked to place the flower upon the casket before it is lowered into the grave.
 A burial plot, sometimes referred to as a grave or funeral plot, is the spot where a body is laid to rest in the ground. Its the space to provide an area for loved ones to stand, visit, and remember.A standard grave is 2 1/2 feet wide by 8 feet long, according to the International Cemetery, Cremation and Funeral Association. These dimensions take into account room for a marker or headstone.
However there are three main types of burial plots:
  1. Single plots: Single plot are the most common type of plot in a cemetery. Single plots contain the remains of one person in a casket.
  2. Companion plots: Companion plots are two plots that are sold together for a couple, usually a married couple. Companion plots can be two plots side-by-side, or a single plot in which the caskets are buried on top of each other (often referred to as “two in one”). Double depth plots can be more affordable than side-by-side companion plots, as only one large outer burial container is usually required, rather than two.
  3. Family plots: In some cemeteries, a family may purchase a small area of the cemetery to be dedicated to the family. With family plots, there is usually a single large headstone engraved with the family name marking the area, and then each individual family member who is buried in the family area will have his or her own smaller headstone marking the individual grave or a single plot and three people will be buried there making it “ three in one”. In some cases, a family plot may simply be a row of single plots purchased as a package by a single family.
Most headstones are generally made of either granite or Bronze, or a combination of the two. Granite ranges in color from grays to pinks to black and browns. Engraving is often available in a variety of typefaces and styles. Monument headstones come in many different shapes and styles, ranging from more traditional rectangles to elaborate sculptures.
A memorial headstone should be more than just a means to mark the final resting place. Not merely a headstone or grave marker, it is a symbol of devotion. It serves as an enduring reminder of a lifetime and is a timeless expression of love. Our mutual goal is to provide your family with a superior granite memorial that you can take pride in for generations to come.
Granite is the most commonly used stone for creating memorials. It is impervious to cold, heat, staining or weathering so it retains its original beauty and withstands the test of time
Bronze is called the “eternal metal”. It is commonly used for flat markers, community signage, and also as ornamentation with granite
We have considerable experience in performing for funerals and will make a time of great sadness and moving and memorable one for family and friends. We work closely and compassionately with you and also to meet your every wish.The funeral Jazz band are available to perform after interment.Understanding that the day can be very emotional for all involved, we are extremely sympathetic throughout the whole booking process, making sure the music reflects the importance of the day. On many occasions we receive feedback after the Funeral to let us know how our music made the day more manageable and how it lifted spirits all round.
The funeral band is available in various sizes including the traditional 3 piece to the 7 piece. We are able to put together an extra large if required.
An obituary (obit for short) is a news article that reports the recent death of a person, typically along with an account of the person’s life and information about the upcoming funeral. In large cities and larger newspapers, obituaries are written only for people considered significant.
You can add memories, upload photos, or light candles in tribute and express words of meaningful sympathy on your chosen obituary.
Search Isnagem Funeral’s obituaries for a death notice and details of when and where the service is taking place and to find directions to the venue. As well as express how much someone will be missed.
Your memories can mean a lot to the family. Messages of sympathy, photos and tributes posted on the online obituary page can be turned into a special memorial book about their loved one.
Obituaries are moderated by the Isnagem Funeral’s  team to safeguard bereaved families at a very difficult time.

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